5 Things to know About Home Foundation Repair

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5 Things to know About Home Foundation Repair

So you are in need of home foundation repair. You noticed cracks in the walls, did the tried and true ball test and decided to get an inspection. Now that you have done this, what comes next? Here are 5 things you need to know about the process of repairing your home’s foundation.

1. Prepping

Your foundation repair expert has a lot of planning to do. This includes determining the extent of your home foundation movement. Once measured and the prognosis is in, it’s determined that you need repairs. Now your expert will need to know how many piers are necessary to lift your home.

What are piers? Piers are columns of steel or concrete that have been placed into the ground to stabilize your home. The number of piers needed depends on the size of the home and the extent of the movement. Piers reinforce your home’s foundation. They help reduce movement that comes caused by ground moisture changes.

With a completed inspection, your expert now knows where to put the piers and how high your home must be lifted.

2. Digging

Once the pier placement plan is done, it is time to begin digging. Foundation experts may have to tunnel below the home for the best access to the foundation.

If tunneling, workers begin by digging a hole. They then dig out the soil beneath your home so it looks as if there is a crawlspace. They give themselves enough room to be able to squeeze their bodies into the space.

Now they have access to your home’s foundation and can begin the pier placement process. Once the piers are in place, it is time to begin lifting the home!

3. Lifting

So your home isn’t level. Native Dallas soil plays into this. Soil expands from moisture beneath your home or contracts as soil dries. This can lead to your home foundation problems. To remedy this, the newly positioned piers must lift and level the home.

With the piers in place beneath your home, attached jacks begin the lifting process. Essentially the jacks are the final step in the leveling process. Once the home levels out, it’s time to begin finishing up the home foundation repair process.

4. Covering

The piers are in place and the home is level. Workers cover but do not fill in the tunnels. This allows future access to piers and plumbing.

Workers will fill the tunnel entrances with a layer of soil. After that, they spray it with water to allow for the dirt to settle. They repeat this process until the hole is filled. Once all the holes are filled, you are ready to begin clean-up!

5. Cleaning

Cleaning up follows the completed foundation repairs. Workers remove excess soil and return the area to its former glory.

Does your home show signs of foundation problems? Not sure? Check out 4 Signs you need a Home Foundation Inspection or call us for an inspection. We will be happy to help you get your home back into tip-top shape. Give us a call at 214-467-9700 or get a free quote online today!