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Lewisville Foundation Repair

Pro-lift system foundation repairWith over 100 years of experience in Dallas, Lewisville and the DFW area, Arch Lewisville Foundation Repair estimates are free and backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust.

From the foundation up, Arch offers foundation repair as well as plumbing, under slab tunneling and foundation inspections. Make sure to ask about our financing options.

Are Foundation Cracks Normal?

“Homeowners don’t panic. Some foundation cracks are normal” says Fred Marshall, owner of Arch Foundation Repair a Texas foundation repair company. Foundations often have cracks, even new foundations. Newly laid foundations develop cracks often caused by the concrete hardening or curing process. As concrete cures, it shrinks. Such cracks in newly formed slabs are called shrinkage cracks.

Concrete-Foundation-Waterproofing--300x111Then there are seasonal cracks. August is Lewisville, Texas’ hottest and driest month. The ground starts to crack and then homeowners start noticing additional foundation cracks. Cracks that are more than an 8th of an inch wide usually mean that the foundation has been bent. This may be a sign of foundation problems in which case it may be time to call for a foundation repair free estimate.

In the Lewisville Area, Do Root Barriers Help Foundations?

rootbarriersAbsolutely foundation root barriers help deter damage from trees as well as excess water. Arch installs root barriers made of a three-layer plastic membrane. The second and third layers give extra protection against penetration by roots and make the membrane tougher. By using a tough plastic membrane that is waterproof, Arch’s root barriers have the added benefit of acting as moisture barriers.

Depending on the type of root battier installed that can last several years to indefinitely. Root barriers made of concrete or plastic will last indefinitely. Chemical root barriers last from 5 years upwards. The life of a chemical barrier is strongly influenced by the amount of water that falls on or flows through the treated soil.

Tunneling Under a Foundation Slabs vs Cutting Through Slabs

Tunnel under houseArch uses under stab tunneling because it is less disruptive to everyday life while maintaining the foundation integrity. Tunneling gains access to what runs under your home such as pipes, ducts and foundation piers without breaking a hole in your floor. Nice!

When the job is done, Arch carts dirt off from the tunnel and tunnels are closed. Generally, tunnels are as long as needed to reach under your home, and measure 3 feet by 3 feet in cross-section. Tunnels are connected to a drainage system used to keep water from accumulating under your home. Tunnels should be left unfilled to facilitate any future plumbing repairs (after all having gone through the expense of digging tunnels, you might as well get full advantage of them) or foundation warranty work.

Serving the Lewisville / DFW Metro Area

The Arch Foundation Repair Lewisville TX office services these metro areas: Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and Lewisville.